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We can offer wide range of door closer for different market demand.Base on our better quality,competitive price and professional OEM service,our customers are all over the world.We believe we can be your reliable partner in the near future.
We have a young team, from product sales to after sale service, integrity of the service attitude, reasonable price, excellent product quality, efficiency and quick delivery and perfect
  • JDC3000V
    The JDC3000 Series door closer is the high quality concealed closer which can be installed on the top jamb or the inside of the door.It is providedwith reasonable construction and reliable performance.Mostly be used in thestars hotel and luxurious department.
  • JDC200

    The JDC200 Series door closer is the high quality level,new concept and modern design comes from Europe.Different combination of functions can meet various demands from the customers.

  • JDC1000

    The JDC1000 Series door closer is our most popular commercial series.Its technology comes from Korea.Modern design and complete functions can meet the dmands of every person who pursue the high quality and safety.We offer fixed sizes and power adjustable sizes from the light duty to heavy duty.